Announcement: Vancouver Iranian Choir

Vanchoir extends a cordial invitation to aficionados of classical vocal artistry, irrespective of proficiency levels, to participate in our meticulously crafted music and vocal workshops, overseen by esteemed instructors:

• Amir Eslami
• Sepehr Hojjaty
• Saba Jamali
• Geordie Roberts

Training Curriculum by the Iranian Choir Group in Vancouver:

• Introduction to Classical Music
• Music Theory
• Fundamentals of Music
• Sight singing
• Solfeggio
• Ear Training
• Performance Mastery
• Tuesdays: Online Sessions
• Introduction to Music Theory
• Basics of Music
• Theoretical Foundations
• Thursdays: 18:30-21:30
• Solfeggio Practice
• Techniques
• Aural Training Exercises
• Advanced Theory and Musical Fundamentals
• Rehearsal Sessions

1110 Gladwin Dr, North Vancouver, BC V7R1A2

Contact Information:
Tel: (604) 725-4190