NoNavazan Orchestra
Welcome to NoNavazan Orchestra

Established in 2024 by the Vancouver Iranian Choir, NoNavazan Orchestra is a pioneering ensemble dedicated to celebrating and promoting Iranian and Middle Eastern music. We offer a unique platform for musicians of all skill levels to engage in group performance, refine their craft, and contribute to Vancouver’s cultural richness.

Our Mission
At NoNavazan Orchestra, we aim to create a collaborative environment where musicians can explore, learn, and perform Iranian and Middle Eastern music. We are committed to enhancing the musical experience of our members through exceptional training and a wealth of performance opportunities.

Under the expert leadership of Amir Eslami and the management of Sepehr Hojjaty, NoNavazan Orchestra is guided by a team of passionate professionals dedicated to musical excellence. Their combined expertise ensures the highest standards of instruction and performance.

We aim to establish NoNavazan Orchestra as a leading Iranian orchestra renowned for its diverse and high-quality performances. Through comprehensive training and educational programs, we strive to support musicians, from beginners to advanced players, at every stage of their journey. By doing so, we seek to foster a deep appreciation for Iranian and Middle Eastern music within our community and beyond.

Programs and Opportunities
Inclusive Membership: We welcome musicians of all levels, from novices eager to learn to seasoned performers seeking to perfect their skills.
Educational System: Our structured training programs include music theory, ensemble techniques, and performance skills tailored explicitly to Iranian and Middle Eastern music.
Performance Opportunities: Members participate in regular concerts and events, showcasing their talents and enriching Vancouver’s cultural life.
Support for Young Musicians: We are committed to nurturing the next generation of musicians. Our programs provide students in Vancouver and across Canada with the resources and opportunities to develop their interest in Iranian instruments.

Community and Cultural Impact
NoNavazan Orchestra is dedicated to cultural exchange and community building. By bringing together musicians from diverse backgrounds, we create a vibrant environment of learning and creativity. Our performances entertain and educate audiences about the richness of Iranian and Middle Eastern musical traditions.

Join Us
We invite passionate musicians to join the NoNavazan Orchestra and be part of our musical journey. Whether you are just beginning or are an experienced performer, there is a place for you in our ensemble. We will create beautiful music and foster a supportive, dynamic community together.

Contact Us
For more information about NoNavazan Orchestra, our programs, and how to join, please visit our website or contact us at [contact information]. We look forward to welcoming you to our musical family.
Join NoNavazan Orchestra today, where your musical journey begins, and the rich traditions of Iranian and Middle Eastern music come to life.