About Us

Founded in 2016, the Vancouver Iranian Choir is a vibrant testament to cultural enrichment and artistic excellence in the Iranian-Canadian community. Our choir, deeply rooted in the rich tapestry of Iranian choral traditions, serves as a beacon of diversity, inclusivity, and cultural dialogue in Vancouver.


Mandate and Purpose: Our primary mission is to offer affordable and accessible music opportunities to Farsi-speaking individuals, particularly women from less affluent backgrounds, and to celebrate and preserve the diverse musical heritage of Iran, including Kurdish, Azeri, and Balochi traditions. This mission extends to fostering community connections, promoting cultural diversity, and providing a nurturing space for artistic expression.


Group Structure: Our choir is led by a team of highly educated music professionals who conduct weekly training sessions. This structure not only bolsters musical skills among our members but also ensures a diverse representation of voices and experiences. Our leadership and decision-making processes reflect our commitment to inclusivity, with a focus on empowering underrepresented voices, especially within the Iranian-Canadian and the rest of the diverse communities of Greater Vancouver.


Artistic Activities: We have a rich history of performances, workshops, and collaborations that showcase the breadth of Iranian music, from classical to folk. Our concerts feature compositions from renowned Iranian and Canadian composers, reflecting a blend of cultural influences. Highlights include our debut concert in 2016, collaboration with esteemed composers like Dr. Ali Nader Esfahani, and notable performances such as the International Women’s Day concert in 2023. Each event is an embodiment of our dedication to cultural diversity and artistic excellence.


Representation of Diverse Communities: Our choir is a mosaic of culturally diverse, Deaf, disabled, and Official Language Minority artists. We strive to include artists and members from these communities, ensuring their perspectives and talents are represented and celebrated. Our collaboration with symphonies and artists from various backgrounds, as well as our senior engagement programs, are testaments to this commitment.


Adaptation and Resilience: The onset of the global pandemic in 2020 marked a significant shift in our operations. We adapted by transitioning to online classes and collaborations, enabling us to maintain our artistic endeavors and community engagement. This period saw the creation of six music videos, demonstrating our resilience and innovative spirit.


Educational Impact and Community Engagement: We take pride in our educational initiatives, such as the Farsi language seniors’ program, which not only teaches music but also imparts skills like Zoom usage. These programs are pivotal in bridging generational gaps and enhancing the cultural and social well-being of our community.


In conclusion, the Vancouver Iranian Choir is not just a musical ensemble; it is a dynamic platform for cultural exchange, artistic innovation, and community empowerment. Our activities and structure are a living reflection of our commitment to diversity, inclusivity, and the rich heritage of Middle Eastern music. As we continue to grow and evolve, we remain dedicated to being a vibrant part of Vancouver’s cultural mosaic.